A town Q is in a bearing of 210° from P,R is another town on a bearing of 150° from P east of Q.The distance between R and P is10km .find the distance between R and Q

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  1. If origin of x y axis system at P
    Q is 210 -180 = 30 degrees above -y axis
    R is 90 + 60 degrees or 60 below +x direction from Q
    that means angle PQR is ALSO 30 deg !
    so QR = RP = 10

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  2. Given: PQ = 210o, PR = 10km[150o], QR = ?.
    210-150 = 60o = Angle between given vectors.

    Law of sine: RQ/sin60 = 10/sin60
    QR = 10*sin60/sin60 = 10 km.

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  3. Interesting and satisfactory

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  4. P=60°,Q=60°,R=60°
    PR= ?
    Using sine rules p/sinP= q/sinQ= r/sinR
    P/sin60°= 10/sin60° cross multiply
    After the working
    QR is equal to 10km.

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  5. can i see the correct answer

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