Use the given function value(s), and trigonometric identities(including the cofunction identities), to find the indicated trigonometric function.
sec θ = 5
a) cos θ = 1/sec θ = 1/5
b) cot θ = cos θ/sin θ =cosθ/cos(90-θ)

I did a but im stuck for b, not sure if I'm doing it right

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  1. sin^2 + cos^2 = 1

    sin = √(1 - cos^2) = √(1 - 1/25) = √(24/25) = 2√6 / 5

    cot = 1/5 / (2√6 / 5) = 1 / 2√6 = √6 / 12

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  2. Draw right triangle ABC and label the sides so that secA = 5
    Now you can easily see that cotA = 1/√24

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