French: Pauline

Chapter 3: les chansons (songs)

1. Les Paroles de vos Chansons préférées - Paroles.Net - ABC de la Chanson Francophone (Do not click on the large red or green button unless you want ads and/or how to pay to download the karoake or sonnière. On this site, you will get the words for free and you can hear the tune on the "telecharger" but not too clearly.)

2. Sommaire des chansons (Again, when you click on the title, you get the words. If you go way down to the "Fichier le Midi" you will download the QuickTime box and then you can hear the tune.)

3. - Les paroles de vos chansons préférées (You can click on an artist and then select the song to see the words. You can also pick a title.)

4. Paroles de chansons - A la Bonne Parole (chanson fr et en) (another option to download to your MP3 (you will be charged, of course!)

5. Chansons de Noël (This one is great for Christmas Carols because you can see the music. If you play the piano, for example, you will love this site!)

I have more sites for Christmas music but it looks like nothing has audio any longer. I made tapes for my students to practice.

Now I'll wait until you ask for something specifically! Bonne chance!


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