Solve the mathematical puzzle.

Determine the digits of Q from these clues.

The first and third digits of Q are even.
The second and fourth digits of Q are odd.
The first digit is two times the fourth digit.
The first and second digits add to eleven.
The second and third digits add to nine.
The third and fourth digits add to seven.

Q is a four-digit number.

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  1. a b c d with a and c even
    a = 2 d ( so a is even all right :)
    a + b = 11
    b+ c = 9
    c + d = 7
    2d + b = 11
    b - d = 2
    3 d = 9
    d = 3 whew, odd
    now go back

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  2. I do not know the answer.
    I need help finding the answer as well.

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  3. So whats the answer

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  4. 6543 IS THE ANSWER 3+4=7 4+5=9 AND 5+6=11

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