I really need help please there are 4 questions
1) which function of political parties is also called the “watchdog function”
A) Campaign for candidates
B) Monitor the party in power
C) Nominate candidates for office
D) Organize the government
Maybe B I’m not sure??
2) In which system do most coalitions exist within a party?
A) Authoritarian party
B) Multi-party
C) One-party
D) Two-party
3) which of the following was MOST responsible for the rise of the two-party system in the US government?
A) The argument over whether or not the colonies should declare independence
B) The bitter conflict over slavery
C)The competing views over the adoption of the US
D) The treatment of Native Americans
4)When a minor party gains strength and turns into a major party, what does it become known as?
A) populist party
B) A personality party
C) A progressive party
D) A third-party

Please help me out!

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  1. Go back into your text and/or google each question's key words. Read lots with each question in mind. Then let us know what YOU THINK each answer choice is correct, and a tutor may be able to check your work.

  2. I think #1 is B
    #2 maybe B
    #3 C
    #4 C or D
    I’m really not sure:(

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  3. I just took the quiz
    1- B
    2- B
    3- C
    4- D

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  4. <3 is right!!! I got 100% on the political parties quick check! :D

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