Katie surveyed people at a grocery store. She wanted to find out which animals were her favorite pets. She asked the people she surveyed which animal they thought was the least expensive to feed.
A) Fewer people lizards and birds for pets.***
B) The favorite animal for a pet is also the least expensive to feed.
C) The least expensive animal to feed may not be the favorite animal for a pet.
D) An animal that is less expensive to buy could also be the favorite animal for a pet.
Can you check to see if i'm right?

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  1. Look at my name

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  2. it’s gonna be c. the least expensive animal to feed may not be the favorite animal for a pet

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  3. The answer is C! I just did the test.

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  4. thxs @Kim Taehyung is my baby

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  5. Thx 😎

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  6. thanks

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