check my answers plzz
which of the following is an example of a reliable sourse?
the main purpose of an reserch paper is _________?
quotaations are mainly used to...

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  1. You have to give the other answer choices, because nobody has this assessment, nor does anyone have it's answer sheet.

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  2. 1.
    A a blog
    B an editorial
    C a documentry
    A to vertify information
    B to expand the body of knowledge
    C to pursuade the reader of an idea
    3.Quotations are mainly used to
    A organize important infomation
    B Decide about reliabilty of infomation
    C Credit the source of a peice of infomation

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  3. I think all of those are right.

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  4. yep 3/3 thx

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  5. You are welcome BABA.

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  6. bruh ? snowflake didnt even give you the answer she just gave you the choices smfh

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  7. The answers are
    1. C
    2. B
    3. C
    so baba was correct

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  8. Btw dont get confused, the answers arent BABA thats just that persons username .-.

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  9. I figured

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  10. bad bad bad bad chaeaters lol jk CHEAT PLZ

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