PROCTOR: Herrick! Herrick, don’t chain her! (He rushes out the door. From outside.) you, man, you will not chain her! Off with them! I’ll not have it! I will not have her chained!

(There are other men’s voices against his. Hale, in a fever of guilt and uncertainty, turns from the door to avoid the sight; Mary Warren bursts into tears and sits weeping. Giles Corey calls to Hale.)

How does the author’s decision to place the action offstage affect readers’ understanding of this event?
a.Putting the action offstage emphasizes how angry Proctor is.
b.Putting the action offstage forces readers to imagine the pain that Elizabeth is in as she is chained.
c.Putting the action offstage is a signal to readers that Elizabeth cannot escape the court.
d.Putting the action offstage forces readers to focus on other characters’ reactions to Elizabeth’s arrest.

Its not a or c pls help.

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  1. It's D- Putting the action offstage forces readers to focus on other characters’ reactions to Elizabeth’s arrest.

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