For each set of numbers, draw your own number line on a piece of paper, taking care to plot each pair of irrational numbers. Then write a statement comparing the position of the two given numbers on a number line. Also write an inequality comparing the two numbers.

\pi and \sqrt(76)
\sqrt(10) and \sqrt(12)
\sqrt(20) and \sqrt(7)
\sqrt(15) and \sqrt(5)
\sqrt(20) and \sqrt(30)
\pi and \sqrt(76)
\sqrt(10) and \sqrt(12)
\sqrt(20) and \sqrt(7)
\sqrt(15) and \sqrt(5)
\sqrt(20) and \sqrt(30)

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  1. get out your calculator and get the decimal value of each number.
    Surely you can plot things like 1.2 or 3.14 on the number line.
    Then do your comparisons.

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