social studies

Describe the causes and effects of sectional differences between the North and South by comparing northern and southern whites. Consider differences in the basis of wealth and city population

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  1. Go over your reading material and lesson, because if you read it closely, you will actually learn. I promise you once you do, you will be able to answer the questions. If you still need help, post the question and what you think and we'll help. If you don't learn anything and cheat, it will be much harder for you in the future.

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  2. 'hi', this is NOT a cheating website. I should be asking if you are 'stupid'. I am just trying to help students not struggle in the future, and you are acting very immature. Anyway, here some links that can help: (copy and paste them)

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  3. this is my answer
    the white north was more industrial but the south was more agricultural. Because the north had so many people lived in the north there where poorer living conditions because everyone couldn't get a job in the factories. the north didn't have as much slavery as the south and eventually didn't have slavery. the south was where much richer people lived because most people where slave owners with cotton plantations.

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  4. Good.

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