There are 648 cows and sheep on a farm. The ratio of the number of cows to the number of sheep is 5:4. At an auction, 2/3 of the sheep and some cows are sold. The ratio of the number of cows to the number of sheep left is no 3:1. How many cows are sold?
Is the answer 144?

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  1. Nope. Too bad you didn't show your work...
    c+s = 648
    c/s = 5/4
    If x cows are sold then
    (c-x)/(s/3) = 3/1

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  2. X sheep.
    5x/4 cows.

    x + 5x/4 = 648,
    4x + 5x = 2592,
    X = 288.
    5x/4 = 360.
    After the auction:
    288/3 = 96 sheep left.
    Cows left = 3 * 96 =

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  3. Cows sold = 360 - cows left.

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  4. Woo Wee! Love this question!
    It is going to be part of a grade 9 math assignment in this coming week.
    Thank-you Indiana Jones for sharing : )
    And thank-you henry2 and oobleck for 2 different solutions (than mine : )

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  5. this is 9th grade math????!!!!

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  6. 2wedrf

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