in air an object weighs 15N when immersed in water it weighs 12N when immersed in another liquid weighs 13N. Determine the density of the object and that of the other liqui

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  1. a. M1*g = 15.
    M1 = 15/g = 15/9.8 = 1.53 kg = mass of object in air.
    M2 = 12/9.8 = 1.22 kg = mass of object immersed.
    M1-M2 = 1.53-1.22 = 0.31 kg lost by object = mass of water displaced.

    Dw = 1g/cm^3. = density of water.
    Vw * Dw = 310.
    Vw*1 = 310
    Vw = 310 cm^3 = vol. of water displaced = vol. of object.
    Vo*Do = 1530 g.
    310*Do = 1530
    Do = 4.94 g/cm^3 = density of object.

    b. M = 13/g = 13/9.8 = 1.33 kg. = mass of object immersed.
    1.53-1.33 = 0.20 kg lost by object = mass of liquid displaced.
    V*D = 200 g.
    310D = 200
    D = 0.645 g/cm^3. = density of liquid.

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