If f(x)=x^2-4x, find f(x+trianglex)
The triangle in the test paper is a symbol I just don't know how to put symbol here.
The answer is (x+trianglex)(x+trianglex-4), the problem is I don't know how it became like that.

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asked by Hannah
  1. when you write f(x) = x^2-4x, the "x" is just the name of the argument. You can replace it with whatever you want. So,
    f(2) = 2^2 - 4*2
    f(x) = x(x-4)
    f(x+∆x) = (x+∆x)(x+∆x - 4)

    Surely by this time you have learned that ∆ is the Greek letter "delta" and is used to indicate a small change in the variable x.

  2. Oobleck can u come help me

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    posted by Tyler
  3. yeah - I'll be right over...

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