Of the people at a park, 60% are men and 75% of the women wear jeans. The number of men is 140 more than the number of women who do not wear jeans. After more women come to the park, 65% of the people at the park are women. How many more women come to the park?
Is the answer 70?
60/100= men
40/100= women
.75 times .40= 30/100
30/100 women wear jeans
10/100 women don't wear jeans.
Then it says the number of men is 140 more than the number of women not wearing jeans. So 50/100= 140.
1/100= 2.8
2.8 times 65= 182
2.8 times 40= 112
182-112= 70.
I also checked my answer by doing this:
2.8 times 60= 168 (number of men)
168-140= 28.
2.8 times 10= 28 (10% is the number of women who don't wear jeans.)

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  1. total number of men and women at the park ---- x
    number of men = (3/5)x = 3x/5
    so the total number of women = 2x/5
    number of women who wear jeans = (3/4)(2x/5) = 3x/10
    number of women who don't wear jeans = (1/4)(2x/5) = x/10

    3x/5 - x/10 = 140
    times 10
    6x - x = 1400
    x = 280 <--- number of people in the park
    number of men = 168
    number of women = 112

    check this answer:
    number of women wearing jeans = .75(112) = 84
    so the number of women not wearing jeans = 28
    men - women not wearing jeans = 168-28 = 140, Yeahh, my answers to the first
    part are correct

    So let the number of additional women coming to the park be y
    112 + y = .65(280 + y)
    112 + y = 182 + .65y
    .35y = 70
    y =200 < number of women joining later

    check that:
    we had 112 women, 200 more join, so 312 women
    the total is now 280+200 = 480
    what is 312/480?
    = .65 or 65%

    All is good!

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  2. Thank you!😃

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