Use the following lines to answer the question.
line g: y=−45x+75
line h: y=54x+34

Is line g Perpendicular to line h? Why or why not?

A: Yes, because the slopes of lines g and h and are opposite and reciprocal.
B: Yes, because the slopes of lines g and h are opposite and the y-intercepts are different.

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  1. I forgot to say I think its B

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  2. Line g is not perpendicular to line h because the slopes are not opposite reciprocals. For a line to be perpendicular to line g, it would need a slope of 1/45. It does not matter what the y intercepts are, the slopes just need to be opposite reciprocals, which they are not in this case, so it may be a trick question.

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  3. Ohh okay that makes sense thank you for the help!

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