What are the similarities between the history of Costa Rica and the US?

There is more than one correct answer choice. Be sure to select all that apply.

A)The army was abolished in both countries.
B)The constitutions of both countries ensured religious tolerance.
C)Universal health care was established in both countries.
D)A woman was elected president by 2010 in both countries.
E)Women in both countries received the right to vote.
D)Both countries provided public education.

I believe it is A, B, and E

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  1. I don't believe the Army was ever abolished in the US. There was some kerfuffle on the rights for citizens to bear arms, but I think the answers are B and E and F? (the second D at the bottom). In the US and CR there's accessible public education.

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  2. okay thank you for your input now looking back I believe you are correct and that was my error thank you for catching that

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