Button, corn syrup(20ml), maple syrup(20ml), marble, milk (20ml), paper clip, penny, plastic dropper, plastic graduated cylinder(100ml), uncooked macaroni noodle, and water (20ml).
Pour the liquids in the graduated cylinder milk first, corn syrup, maple syrup, and last pour in the water.
1. List the substances in order of increasing density.
2. Each of the four liquids had the same volume. Why didn’t they each have the same density?
I need help I would do this myself, but I don’t have maple or corn syrup!
My answer for number two is that they all poured in the cylinder at different amount of times. I can’t answer number one! Please check my answer and help me on number 1!

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  1. Ms Sue please check my answer and if I had to answer number one I would say water, milk, maple syrup, and corn syrup. And I think number two is that the milk water corn syrup and maple syrup got poured in the cylinder at a different amount of time.

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  2. I think number two is right but it m not for sure

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  3. I think number 2 would be that the milk, water, corn syrup and maple syrup are not the same density because when it was poured in the graduated cylinder they all took different times to get in the cylinder. But idk so ya

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