Social studies

How did the Spanish conquest affect culture in the Americas?
A. The Spanish, American Indian, and African cultures blended overtime

B. The Spanish destroyed Aztec and incan cultures so that no trace remained

C. Spanish colonist gave up European culture and adopted American Indian ways

D. The Spanish kept their own culture, but American Indians adopted African culture

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  1. If you post what YOU THINK the answer is, someone here might be able to check it for you.

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  2. my answer would be A

    im not to sure though

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  3. why dont you guys give the answers that is what this is for

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  4. actually its for helping but please give answers

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  5. The "Teachers" on this site literally . Instead of giving answers themselves or even trying to help all they do is say "Read the textbooks and material" and "Say what YOU think is right and someone other than me might help you, because I dont want to put any effort into this site"

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  6. First of all fake WriteTeacher second of all there jobs are not to give you the answer they are supposed to check your answers third of all how are you so bored that you impersonate people just to receive attention.

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  7. Their*

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  8. wow just wow

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  9. I would like a little guidance as to where in the text the answer might be located. That helps a great deal.

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