Question 1
How did radio affect American society during the 1920s?

It helped produce a standardized culture
It minimized the popularity of silent pictures
It created culturally distinct regions within the country*
It created social hierarchies based on the availability of programs

Question 2
What did the flapper symbolize?

the rejection of traditional gender expectations*
the intellectual ambitions of modern women
the successes of the women's suffrage movement
the code of separate spheres between men and women

Question 3
Who were the members of the "Lost Generation"?

farmers that moved to the city after defaulting on their farms
political radicals that opposed the U.S. government
disillusioned American writers that sought new forms of expression
U.S. citizens that left the U.S to live in other countries*

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  1. 1. c - no
    2. a - yes
    3. d - no

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    Ms. Sue

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