Language arts

1. Which of these likely influenced Eloise Greenfield most when she wrote “Langston Terrace”?
A. Eloise Greenfield’s family struggled financially.
B. Eloise Greenfield was female.
C. Eloise Greenfield achieved great success.*
D. Eloise Greenfield had a strong education.

2.Eloise Greenfield grew up during the Great Depression when people in the United States had little money.

What evidence of this historical influence can be found in "Langston Terrace"?
A. Eloise Greenfield's father had a job, so she was unaware of the Great Depression.
B. Eloise Greenfield was not influenced because her family had saved money before the Great Depression.
C. The Great Depression caused Eloise Greenfield to worry about money even after she became successful.*
D. The hardships of the Great Depression influenced what Eloise Greenfield values.
3. A cultural or historical factor that may influence an author's work is
A. his or her popularity with readers.
B. the time and place where he or she was born.
C. the type of subject he or she chooses to write about.
D. the amount of time he or she can spend in writing and revising.*
4. Which sentence uses the word application as it appears here?

Greenfield’s family filled out an application to live in Langston Terrace.
A. We had to find the right type of paint for this application.
B. The application of sunscreen is important for most people
C. An application for the job is available.*
D. The treatment is complicated, so its application is rare.
5.Use context clues to help you determine the meaning of the word choral in the following sentence.

My family attended the choral concert last night to hear my neighbor’s group perform.

A. reading
B. painting
C. singing*
D. dancing

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  1. answers are:
    1: A
    2: D
    3: B
    4: C
    5: C

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  2. MillyIsSus 100% correct, tysm

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