1. Which accounts for the highest water withdrawals in the United States?
B. industrial uses
C. irrigation
D. thermoelectric power
2.Which is the most prevalent source of agricultural water pollution?
A. pesticides
B. nutrients
C. irrigation
D. sedimentation

3.Which of the following uses the largest amount of water per day?

public supply
self-supplied industrial
thermoelectric power

4.Which of the following is an example of industrial water use?

water used to refine oil
water used to flush the toilet
water used to take a bath
water used to irrigate farms

5. A city has found that water from shallow-depth wells shows signs of contamination from heavy metals. What is most likely to happen next?

The city will rely more on hydropower.
People will drill deeper into aquifers.
Water prices will decrease.
Farmers will use surface water for agriculture.

Please I really need help, I have so many other projects I need to focus on right now. Thank you!

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  1. all of the answers are here: On number 5, I am not certain, however, if a farmer is growing products for human consumption, the last answer is logical.

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  2. my has 11 answers help me if got it all!!!

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  3. bobpursley

    Please explain where it has the answers because I don't see it anywhere at all.

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  4. i got 9 questions and my thing keep changing everTIME I LOG Out

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  5. fr thats not even cool of connections cause i gotta keep on thinking of new ways

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