Solve by whatever Method
1. X^2 +8X = -16
X^2 +8X +16 = -16 +16
(X +4)^2 =0
X+4 =+/- SQRT 0
X=-4+/- 0
X=-4, X=4

2. 3x^2-2x-5=0
X=-b+/- sqrt (b)^2-4ac
2a a=3 ,b=-4,c=-5
X=-(-2)+/- Sqrt (-2)^2-4(3)(-5)
X=2+/sqrt64 = 2+/-8
X= 2+8=10/6=1 2/3, x=2-8=-6/6=-1
Solution set is 1 2/3, -1

Solve by completing the square
3. X^2-x-1=0
X^2-1/2x+ (1/2)^2=1/2 +(1/2)^2
x=1, x=0

Just want to see if I am on the right path. Thanks Much!!!

#1, OL
#3, look at lines 5 and 6
1/2 + 1/4 = 3/4 not 1/2, take it from there

in #2 you are guilty of "bad form"
you have X= 2+8=10/6=1 2/3, x=2-8=-6/6=-1

using the = sign means that whatever you just wrote is equal to the next part.

I see x = 2+8 = 10/6..

2+8 is not equal to 10/6, you can't just drop numbers and then bring them back
that line should have read:
x=(2+8)/6 or x =(2-8)/6
x=10/6 or x=-6/1
x=5/3 or x = -1

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