This is the Unit 3 lesson 6 test for Geometry! Reasoning and Proofing test. Please I need the answers. I fell beheind so bad.

1. A statment can be expressed in if-then form is a ?

A. converse
B. conditinal (My answer)
C. biconditinal
D. counterexample


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  1. yes, conditional. That's what if-then means.

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  2. Thank you! I have 3 more questions that I'm stuck on.

    3. Is the following definition of perpendicular reversible? If yes, write it as a true biconditional.
    Two lines that intersect at right angles are perpendicular.

    A. The statement is not reversible.
    B. Yes; if two lines intersect at right angles, then they are perpendicular.
    C. Yes; if two lines are perpendicular, then they intersect at right angles.
    D. Yes; two lines intersect at right angles if (and only if) they are perpendicular.

    4. Which biconditinal is not a good definition?

    A. Two angles are supplementary if and only if the sum of their angles measures 180.
    B.Two angles are vertical angles only if they are not adjacent to each other and are formed by two intersecting lines.
    C.Two angles form linear pair if and only if the angles are adjacent. **
    D.The sum of two angles is 90 if and only id those angles are complementary

    Number six is comeing because I think I figured it out.

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  3. Answer to three i think is D

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  4. Answer to four i think is c

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  5. Looks good to me

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  6. does anyone have the rest of the test answers? plz help im struggling!!!

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