Consider the points
A(0,0), B(2,3), C(4,6), and D(8,12).
A student plotted the points and drew a line through the points. Then, he created a triangle using points A and B and another triangle using points C and D.

What is the rate of change between points A and B?
What is the rate of change between points C and D?
Write the equation of the line that passes through the points.

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  1. quaartiffieesha idk the answer

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  2. bruh moment

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  3. Answer:

    a. 3/2

    b. 6/4 idk if you need to simplify, but if so it would be 3/2

    c. y = 3/2x

    Step-by-step explanation:

    a: to find the rate of change of points A and B, you just use a formula (i forgot what it's called but it looks like this) y2-y2/x2-x1

    3/2-0/0= 3/2

    so the rate of change = 3/2

    b: again, using the same formula, y2-y2/x2-x1, but using points C and D

    12/8-6/4=6/4 simplified to 3/2

    c: since the line goes through the origin, (0,0), then there isn't a y-intercept

    making the equation: y = 3/2x

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