Translate each problem into a system of equations. DO NOT attempt to solve. JUST write the equation(s).

Mountainside Fleece sold 40 neckwarmers. Solid color neckwarmers sold for $9.90 each and print ones sold for $12.75 each. In all, $421.65 was taken in for the neckwarmers. How many of each type were sold?

I do not need to solve the equation. I just do not know how to take the provided information and make equations. My teacher told me that I would probably have to make two equations with two variables (x and y). Does anyone know how to do this?
Thanks so much!

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  1. Equation #1: x + y = 40
    Equation #2: 9.90x + 12.75y = 421.65

    Am I correct?

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  2. Looks like you have that part figured out, too! Keep up the good work

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  3. correct

    I always insisted that my students define the variables used.
    Let the number of Solid color neckwarmers be x
    let the number of print neckwarmers by y

    - then form your equations

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  4. Thank you for helping me! :-)

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