physical science

Periodic law states that when the elements are arranged according to their atomic numbers, this allows elements with similar properties to appear at regular intervals. Predict the group of elements and their number of valence electrons that will combine in a 3:2 ratio to with calcium.

A) boron, aluminum, gallium; 3
B) sulfur, selenium, polonium; 6
C) oxygen, tellurium, bismuth; 2
D) nitrogen, phosphorus, arsenic; 5

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  1. My answer was D.

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  2. I am inclined to agree.
    eg Ca 2 , 8 , 8, 2 . loses those outer 2 to become Ca + +
    P 2, 8 , 5 gains 3 to make outer shell whole 8 so P- - -

    Ca+2 *3 = 6 , P-3 * 2 = -6 etc

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