Sorry to be a nag, but I tried it again, and didn't get it.

Here's the question...

A rectangular solid made of carbon has sides lying along the x, y, and z axes, whose lengths are 1.06 cm, 2.12 cm, and 4.24 cm, respectively. Determine the resistance for current that flows through the solid in the x direction. Assume the resistivity is rho = 3.00E-5 (ohm)* m.

I got various numbers as answers, and used the formula: R = (rho)(L/A) where row is resistivity, in this case 3E-5, L is length (x axis, in this case) and A is surface area of a rectangle. Where am I going wrong?!


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  1. Did you convert the distances to meters?

    The area is (2.12)(4.24)*10^-4 = 8.99*10^-4 m^2
    The length along the current direction is 1.06*10^-2 m.
    The resistance is
    3*10^-5 ohm m*1.06*10^-2 m/8.99*10^-4 m^2 = 3.54*10^04 ohms

    You should not get various numbers if you do the problem correctly.

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