Social studies

Which group of ancient Greek women had greater freedom?

slave women

Athenian women

metic women

Spartan women

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Ancient women

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  3. Answer is d

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  4. A,c,c,c,b,a,d,a,c,d,d,c,c,a,a,d,a,b,a,b

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  5. stop the cap

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  6. hhhh @ANswer hack you sure are a lot of help

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  7. Thank you

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  8. Imma do the test rn and i'll be back in a while to give the answers-

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  9. Naw the answer is d spartan women

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  10. any won have the anwers i need to check

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  11. one

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    1. The city-state's population of citizens was small.
    2. Spartan women
    3. Alexander the Great
    4. balance and harmony of parts.
    5. It was the center of trade for Europe, Africa, and Asia
    6. Ephors could take kings out of power.
    7. That a unified Greece could beat a larger army.
    8. The Olympic Games were held to honor the God Zeus.
    9. to teach moral lessons
    10. Young boys were taught to obey orders.
    11. The mountains isolated the city-states and The sea separated the city-states.
    12. Athenian direct democracy allowed all free male citizens to make policy and American representative does not and American representative democracy allows citizens to elect leaders to shape laws and Athenian direct democracy did not.
    13. Other nations saw Greece's lack of unification as weak.
    14. The government consisted of an assembly, a council, and courts and Only free adult males made up the assembly and Women, slaves, and foreigners were not allowed to participate.
    15. to get the resources they needed to survive
    16. olive oil
    17. to encourage doctors to use ethical practices
    18. Sparta was conservative about change and the sharing of ideas while Athens accepted change and new opinions.
    19. sorry cant help with this :c
    20. sorry cant help with this :c

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