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In 3–5 sentences, identify and describe the fossil evidence Wegener used to support the theories of continental drift and plate tectonics.

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  1. What does your reading assignment say?

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  2. The continental drift theory was put forwarded by Alfred Wegener, which describe about the motion of the continents with respect to the poles. Some of the evidences that supported this continental drift theory and plate tectonic theory are as follows-

    (1) The edges of the continents perfectly matches with one another, supporting that the continents were once all together.

    (2) Similar fossils such as glossopteris and marsupials are found in these continents that indicates that the continents were attached together.

    (3) Similar rock types are found to be present in these continents and are determined by the co-relation method.

    The remains of the organisms such as Mesosaurus, Marsupials and fossilized plants glossopteris are commonly found in these continents, and were separated at various velocities. These fossils indicates the existence of the large supercontinent named Pangaea that got separated due to the plate motion.

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  3. The reptilian fossil of mesosaurs was discovered by Wegener in Africa and South America and other continents. In addition, the fossil of the Glossopteris fern has been found in almost all continents. While these continents are separated today by vast oceans and are almost impossible for this organism to have crossed the oceans and explored other continents, it was discovered that these continents were once one large landmass where animals could roam about. These contents split due to tectonic plate movement and separated into the continents we see today.

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