Career Planning

1.Which of the following is the term for day-to-day and long-term tasks you are assigned to complete?
A.Career Research*********
B.Job Responsibilities
C.Job Title
D.Training Materials

2. Why is career planning important?
A.You will only have one career.
B.There are so many resources to help you research different careers.
C.It is difficult to observe different careers.
D.It can help you narrow down your options and get the training you need.*********

3.Which statement was true in the past, but is not generally true today?
A.The training and education costs for some jobs will prohibit some people from entering that career.*****
B.Young people tend to go into the same job that their parents and grandparents did.
C.People need a basic level of education before they meet requirements to professional schools.
D.People will probably have more than one job in their active working lives

Skip to #5.Which of these principles would be most helpful to a young person deciding on a career?
A. A career should give you plenty of free time.
B.The most enjoyable careers are the ones that require the most education.
C.There will always be good jobs for people who want to work hard and make a lot of money.********
D.A realistic assessment of your abilities and interests will help you find an appropriate career.

Please check if im right or wrong. Also, for the last one it might be either C or A but i pick C.

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  1. 1. Your text is your best source here. We have no idea what you've been assigned.

    2. I agree.

    3. I disagree.

    5. Your choice is OK. I think there's a better choice, though.

  2. Ok, Thanks. For 3 i think it's C because back then when young peoples parents were farmers they'd end up being farmers too, so thats my reasoning.
    For number 5 i'm going to say it's not A because i dont think thats completely true. So either B or D. I think it's D because that's more helpful than B.

    My answers now 3.B

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  3. 3. No (used to be true, but not always anymore)
    5. Yes

  4. Wait, why isnt it B? I'm confused. Isnt it true that people used to become farmers because of there fathers and grandfathers being farmers but now not so much?

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  5. Oh, sorry -- I misread the question. Yes -- 3.B.

  6. Thank you! All of the questions you helped me with were correct! :)

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  7. You're very welcome!

  8. So what are the right answers?

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  9. 1. b) job responsibilities
    2. d) It can help you narrow down your options and get the training you need.
    3 & 4. (any respond is correct)
    5. d) A realistic assessment of your abilities and interest will help you find an appropriate career.

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  10. 1) B Job responsibilities
    2) D It can help you narrow down your options
    3) B Young people tend to go to the same job as their parents
    4) B People with the same job title may perform different duties
    5) D A realistic assessment of your abilities and interests will help

    *questions #3 and #4 you can answer with any options and it’ll mark as correct anyways*

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  11. Thank ya dream you got me a 100%

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  12. I second that! 100% TYSM!!!!

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  13. 1. B
    2. D
    3. B
    4. B

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  14. i 3rd that

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