One medium circle and one small circle touch each other, and each circle touches the larger circle.

The figure shows two circles of different radius inscribed in a larger circle. The two circles are drawn such that both touch the circle as well as each other without overlapping. The radius of the larger circle inscribed in the circle is labeled as 9 centimeters and the radius of the smaller circle inscribed in the circle is labeled as 4 centimeters. The region inside the circle not covered by the two circles is shaded.

Which is the area of the shaded region?
A.72 π square centimeters

B.97 π square centimeters

C.26 π square centimeters

D.169 π square centimeters

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  1. more description needed
    Two small circles can be placed inside the larger circle in many ways. All we can be sure of from your description is that the diameter of the other small circle cannot be greater than 10 cm.

    In any case, the area a = πr^2 for each circle.
    So, the area of the other circle is at most 25π
    81π - 16π - 25π = 40π
    That is the minimum shaded area.

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  2. tysm also the one i posted before this im confused on what the answer is

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  4. what is the answer

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