1: Your checking account is overdrawn by $50. You write a check for $20. What is the balance in your account?
(i got -5- + (-20) = -70)

2: The average temperature in Calgary, Canada, is 22 degrees celsius in July and -11 degrees celsius in January. Find the range of the highest and lowest temperatures in Calgary.
(idk the answer)

pls help

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  1. #1 ok
    #2 no way to know.
    Knowing the average tells you nothing about the temperature range.
    All you know is that the average ranges from -11 to 22. Heck, there's no indication that these are even the extreme values! What about August? It may be hotter than July.

    Very poorly stated question.

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  2. 1. Bal. = -50 - 20 = -$70 = 70-dollar over draw.

    2. 22 - (-11) = 33o C. = Range of average temperature.

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