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The moon orbits around the earth.Which of the following keeps the moon traveling in the same path each time it orbits the earth?

A.energ from the surroundings
B.Pull of gravity between the moon and the earth
C.orbits in space are pushing the moon towards the earth
D.the winds of the earth force the moon to orbit in the same path- i think the answer is so wrong because the earths winds does not force the moon to orbit in the same path over and over and over and over again

Gravity between the moon and Earth provide the force that keeps the Moon in orbit.

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  1. pull of gravity between the moon and the earthh

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    posted by snehal
  2. b. because the gravity of the pull is between the moon and the earth.

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    posted by jj
  3. B. Pull of gravity between the moon and the earth

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  4. stop

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  5. Question answered 4 years later. Wow...

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    posted by Wow

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