Hey y’all! I don’t understand this and maybe you guys could help me cuz...ya know that’s what this sight is for...haha. This is the Solving One-Step Inequalities Practice assessment for Unit 5 lesson 9 Solving One-Step Inequalities for Connexus 6th graders.
1. Solve the inequality 8x<48.
A) x<6 (I think it’s this one, but I’m not sure.)
B) x<40
C) x<56
D) x<13
2. Solve the inequality 10+x>23.
A) x>2.3
B) x>13 (I think it’s this one)
C) x>33
D) x>230
————————————————3. Solve the inequality y/21< 3.
A) y<7
B) y<24
C) y<18
D) y<63
I have absolutely no idea how to do this problem 🤒———————————————
5. The inequality 2 p < 18 can be used to determine how many pounds of apples are $2.00 per pound, p, you can buy will spending $18.00 or less. What is the greatest number of pounds of apples you can buy?
A) 9 pounds
B) 16 pounds
C) 20 pounds
D) 36 pounds
6. Which values can be substituted for x to make the inequality x-4<0 true? Choose all that apply. There are 2 answers.
A) 0
B) 3 (I think this may be one of the answers)
C) 4
D) 18 (this one too)
————————————————Please help me! I don’t understand almost all of this and the teachers aren’t much help :/ Thank you all for your time and for reading this. Have a blessed day and I hope that in the future this can help other people ☺️☺️

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  1. 3
    y/21< 3
    Multiply both sides by 21.

    2 p < 18
    Divide both sides by 2.

    6. 3 is right, but 18 is wrong

    Your first two answers are right.

  2. Ms. sue isnt the connections accademy rule you can not recive any help outside of connexus?

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  3. What’s the answers

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  4. These are 100% right for the Solving One-Step Inequalities Practice
    Plz believe me.

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  5. NCA Student is right 😁

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  6. You're Welcome!

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