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Grade 11 learners want to investigate which enzyme is responsible for chemical digestion of starch into glucose in humans. They are provided with two different enzymes (carbohydrase and proteases ),starch powder,warm water at about 37 and basic glass apperatus and chemicals to test for glucose.
Formulate a hypothesis for this investigation?
Identity the following variables
(a) independent variable
(b)dependent variable
(c) fixed or controlled variable
Why should the water be at about 37?

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  1. yes

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  2. 1.1 Carbohydrase is responsible for starch into glucose
    1.2 a starch powder
    b enzymes
    c water temperature
    1.3 because enzymes in humans function best at 37 ℃

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  3. What is the hypothesis for the investigation?

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  4. 1.5

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  5. Select and arrange the method steps in the correct sequence from the list of steps given below. Write only the letters.

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  6. What are the two steps for an investigation to test the carbohydrates that is responsible for starch into glucose

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  7. Yes

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  8. Glucose

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  9. is to investigate which enzyme is responsible for chemical digestion or starch into glucose in humans

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