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Lesson 6: Mis vacaciones Unit Test

1. Ellos _______ al teatro en la ciudad.

2. Visité ______

3.Yo _______ a montar a caballo durante las vacaciones.

4.Ustedes______ temprano

5.Ustedes______ temprano

6.How would you say "I visited Carlos" in Spanish?

7.If you want to see an obra de teatro , where would you go?

8.Which indigenous group is believed to have inhabited la República Dominicana before the arrival of the Spanish to the New world?

9.How would you say "They went to the museum" in Spanish?

10.Which is the word for "to rest" in Spanish?

11.Which is the word for "to rest" in Spanish?

12.Las niñas _______ a montar a caballo.

13.In which place can you see un oso?

14.Which of the following was named after Eugenio de Jesús Marcano Fondeur?

15.In which place can one see professional sports being played?

16.What was Salomé Ureña de Henríquez' main cause in her life?

17.Which of the following is not an animal?

18.Where do many of ZOODOM's animals come from?

19.Which of the following is a likely question that could be answered by saying "

20.Which of the following cultures did not influence Dominican cuisine?

21.What can visitors see and do at la Caleta National Marine Park? Write your answer in English.

22.Explain what common forms of transportation can be used in la República Dominicana, and how do such forms compare to those of the U.S.? Write your answer in English.

23.How does ZOODOM help foster education and research? Write your answer in English.

24.When should the personal es be used in a sentence, and why? Write your answer in English. Next, write a complete sentence in Spanish that uses the personal

25.What is the importance of coconuts in la República Dominicana? Write your answer in English.

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  1. You've posted a test? We don't give out test answers, even if we know them!

    Tests are given to find out what the STUDENT knows. If you don't know any of these answers, then you probably need to re-take the course.

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  2. .....anyways, for everyone else wondering, heres the answers to all 20 multiple choice + long answer since I couldn’t find them myself, and yes, I just took it.
    (not to worry teachers, it’s uh... definitely not a test..)

    Multiple choice:
    1) audio C: fueron
    2) A: el museo
    3) D: Aprendí
    4) audio C: ir de vacaciones
    5) D: salieron
    6) A: Visité a Carlos
    7) B: el teatro
    8) A: Taínos
    9) B: Fueron al teatro
    10) A: Aprendimos a bucear
    11) C: descansar
    12) C: aprendieron
    13) B: en el zoológico
    14) B: a fossil
    15) A: el estadio
    16) D: education for women
    17) audio C: el barco
    18) A: the United States and Africa
    19) C: ¿Te gustó?
    20) A: Chinese

    Long answers: open a new tab and go to the following lessons for the answers to each of the long-answer questions.

    21) 7.3 (¿qué viste?)
    Page 3: Las playas de la República Dominicana

    22) 7.1 (¿en autobús o en tren?)
    Page 5: El transporte en la República Dominicana

    23) 7.2 (me gustó el zoológico)
    Page 3: ZOODOM

    24) 7.4 (¿Visitaste a la amiga de tu mamá?)
    Page 2: La gramática

    25) 7.4 (¿Visitaste a la amiga de tu mamá?)
    Page 4: La comida dominicana

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  3. also, if any of those are wrong by the time you take it, feel free to update

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  4. number 9 is Fueron al museo

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  5. Thanks soooo. Very helpful. Ms sue bud off.

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  6. I mean writeteacher.

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  7. thanks sooo. ms write SCREW off

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  8. Sooooooo is correct. Nice :)

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  9. soooo is 100% correct you mad helpful thank you

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  10. @sooooo are u jesus??

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  11. @sooooo is a saint himself !

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  12. sooooooooo is a real one thank u

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  13. GOATED

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  14. @sooooo thanks

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  15. does anyone have the answers to the semester test?

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