State which reason for the earth being flat is true.
A) Geocentric model causes the earth to take on a flat shape.
B)The gravitational force pulls everything down including the planet itself.
C) The Sun would not be able to exert gravity on Earth unless it was a flat surface.

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  1. I think its B btw

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  2. if the Earth was flat , then other celestial bodies would be also
    ... the "formation" process is universal

    so if they are all flat , why do they all appear round

    are we so special that they all always face us?

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  3. I think that the earths round
    i was given these questions by my teacher lol i dont really get it either
    i think my teachers a flat earther

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  4. First of all, The earth isn't flat. Scientific studies show that the earth is in fact round. But if we were saying "Oh if the earth is flat, The sun would not be able to exert gravity on Earth unless it was a flat surface." would be your best bet.

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  5. Thank you :)

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  6. I was unaware that (at astronomical distances) the shape of a mass had any gravitational effects

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  7. me neither but i guess it must be like that

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