The tendency of two masses alone in the universe to drift together is a result of
A) fission. <<
B) friction.
C) fusion.
D) gravity.

7) Which planetary body has the GREATEST gravitational pull?
A) Jupiter <<
B) Neptune
C) the Moon
D) the Earth

Which is the correct alignment for a solar eclipse?
A) sun - moon - Earth <<
B) moon - sun - Earth
C) Earth - sun - moon
D) moon - Earth - sun

19) As the moon circles the Earth, the shape of the moon appears to change. A full moon appears as an entire circle in the sky. This happens when the
A) moon is closest to Earth.
B) moon is between the sun and the Earth.
C) sun and moon are on opposite sides of the Earth. <<
D) sun and moon are aligned on the same side of the Earth.

20) Planets are constantly moving. In fact, the name planet means wanderer. What force(s) is responsible for the constant movement of the planets in our solar system?
A) inertia and gravity
B) gravity only <<
C) inertia only
D) friction

Check my answers, please, and thank you.

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  1. 5. Right.
    7. Right.
    10. Right.
    19. Right.
    20. Right.

    Good job!

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  2. umm ... you might want to rethink 5 and 20

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  3. Agree with R_Scott

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