Help please?
can the following reaction be classified as a redox reaction (1)? what factors did you look at to make this determination? is anything being reduced/ oxidized? if so, what?
cl2(g) + 2nabr(aq) > 2nacl(aq) + br2(aq)

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asked by Happy
  1. Cl₂ + 2eˉ => 2Clˉ < = > Reduction (gain of 2 electrons)
    2Brˉ => Br₂ + 2eˉ < = > Oxidation (loss of 2 electrons)
    Remember OIL RIG …
    Oxidation Is Loss (of eˉ) Reduction Is Gain (of eˉ)
    Sodium (Na) is a spectator ion; i.e., doesn't undergo redox.

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    posted by Doc48

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