Social Studies

Read the passage by a man discussing his country, Senegal, immediately after independence.

“Forty years ago, we had nothing—no doctors, no engineers, no writers. We had no university. We thought a flag and a national anthem were enough for independence. . . . That is now a thing of the past. One has to count on the people. And despite all the problems, success for us is a certainty. Every day we’re working hard, because we’re dreaming of a better quality of life.”

—Ousmane Sembene, filmmaker

Which of the following statements BEST summarizes the main idea of the passage?

The country was immediately successful.

The country was unprepared to meet its needs.

The country would probably go to war with its neighbors.

The country took some time to develop but eventually met the needs of its people.+++

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asked by dori
  1. I agree.

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