Maths lit, life science, geography and business

What can I do in future if I choose this subjects (Maths lit, life science, geography and business studies)?

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  1. It would depend upon your interests. I would suggest asking this question of your school counselor. S/he can ask you questions which will help you determine the possibilities.

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  2. Which field must I follow with my subjects

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  3. You can become a dental technologist

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  4. Nurse

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  5. Private investigator

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  6. I would like to be a dental technologist but I'm not sure so can u please give me various options

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  7. What field can I do with this subject
    Maths literacy,geography,business study,life science,life orientation

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  8. Which career can i fal to if i have the following subjects:
    -Mathematical literacy
    -business studies
    - life orientation

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