social studies pls asap

Please check & correct asap!! My answers of when the events happened are after the ~'s

Find the year for each event. Place it after each event.
You will use this information to complete the Timeline on the next page.

1. West Africans make iron tools ~ 500 BCE
2. Sundiata ruled new empire Mali ~ 1235 CE
3. Mansa Musa’s hajj ~ 1307
4. King Ezana of Axum takes control of Kush ~ 325 CE
5. Songhai Era comes to an end ~ 1591
6. Ali Ber became king of Songhai ~ 1464
7. Mansa Musa emperor of Mali ~ 1280
8. Soninke people founded Ghana ~ 5th century
9. Fall of the Ming ~ 1618
10. Mongols gained control of China ~ 1279
11. Song established base in South China ~ 1129
12. Military leader overthrew last Tang emperor ~ 907
13. Tang Taizong become emperor ~ 618
14. A military leader begins the Song Dynasty ~ 960
15. Genghis Khan united Mongols ~ 1162
16. Chinese rule restored by Ming ~ 1644

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  1. What don't you understand about these dates?

  2. I don't know for sure if they're correct or not

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  3. Where did you get them?

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