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Check my answers please!
1) What is blogging?
A- online journaling
B- posting in photo galleries
C- uploading movies online
D- sharing photos on a social network ***

2) which of the following is not a danger of blogging?
A- cyberbullying
B- slander
C- gossip
D- staying connected with an old friend

3) What could be one rule that you tell your friend to help him/her blog safely?
A- do not create a password for your blog
B- do not complete a profile or include personal information about yourself*****
C- do not open a blog on your personal computer
D- do not make comments to friends you know on your blog

4) If you found out that your friend was blogging unsafely, which of the following would be a good action to take?
A- Inform your friend of the risks of online predators and identify theft so he or she can make wise choices. ****
B- Let your friend add pictures of the two of you to his or her blog
C- Tell your friend to include a profile on his or her blog with personal information
D-Lecture your friend about how wrong he or she is to have an online blog, and tell her that blogging is not good for anything.

thank you!!!

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asked by :)
  1. 1 is wrong. Blogging is not the same as sharing photos on a social network.

    2 doesn't have a chosen answer.

    3 seems right.

    4 seems right also.

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  2. 1. D - no
    3. B - yes
    4. A - yes

  3. can you help me one 1 and I think number two is D
    @Ms. Sue and @Leo

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    posted by :)
  4. one 1 -- do you mean A?

    Yes -- 2 is D.

  5. A

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    posted by Teehee

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