What is the main reason other members of the EU are concerned about the British decision to leave the EU? A. They are concerned that other nations will want to leave the EU after Britain. B. They are concerned that English will not be spoken in the EU any longer. C. They are concerned that Britain will join competing economic unions. D. They are concerned that Britain will no longer trade with EU nations.

I choose C.

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  1. Why do current demographic trends pose problems in Europe? A. There are too many children to educate properly. B. A large aging population stresses the ability of a small workforce to care for it. C. Too many immigrants are not learning the language of their new country and communicating effectively. D. There are not enough experienced workers planning on retiring and leaving space for new promotions.

    I choose A.

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  2. No for the second one a choose B.

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  3. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - or TTIP - currently under negotiation between the EU and United States would create the biggest free trade area the world has ever seen.

  4. So are my answers correct?

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  5. what are the answers to the practice? my teacher hates me and im not good at social studies

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  6. please I need help. same as woah. when I'm done I post the answers but now I need help. PLEASE!!!!! ToT Anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. It's Just A Practice.

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  8. Just give us all the answers so we can get this over with!

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  9. everyone was very helpful thx...-_-

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  10. I'll post a cheat sheet for the practice in just a few minutes

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  11. Cheat sheet for Europe Today Practice

    1. Free Trade among members | citizens moving through borders freely
    2. British Economy: mixed economy | strong Market orientation. German Economy: focused on engineering and technical aspects | mixed Economy | Relied on natural recources in the 1800's
    3. A
    4. B
    5. D
    6. C
    7. B & C
    8. England
    9. It has invested heavily in human capital and has a high literacy rate.
    10. B
    11. B
    12. B

    Friend me on roblox! benzy847

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  12. Thx Gemini Kitten! Guys you can trust that person, I got 100% from those answers.

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  13. Your welcome Miraculous!

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  14. THANK YOU SO MUCH Gemini Kitten!!! (-w-)

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  15. thx use code daiko in the fortnite item shop

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  16. gemini kitten is right

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  17. Is Gemini kitten right for Connexus, WE SHALL FIND OUT! oh will you look at that she is...

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