career planning

1 what do different jobs in the marketing career cluster have in common? making people feel better
sales of goods and services**
short hours and easy working conditions
dependence on technology skills
2 what college degree would a sales manager most likely be expected to have?
associates degree
bachelors degree
masters degree**
doctoral degree
3 which of there careers are examples of marketing occupations? select all that apply
advertising manager**
career coach
loan officer**
merchandising manager

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  1. help me pls ms sue or someone else

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  2. 1. b - yes
    2. c - no
    3. a - yes; d - no

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    Ms. Sue
  3. 1. B
    2. B
    3. A, E

    I hope this helps somebody!

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  4. Missingno is correct!

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  5. Thank You! Missingno

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  6. Thanks you!!!!!

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