The water level, w, in feet, of a river after a rainstorm is a function of the time, t, in hours, since the storm began. The table below shows the water level readings collected at different times.

Hours Since Storm Began (t) Water Level (w)
1 18.7
1.5 19.1
2 19.5

Write a linear function that models the data in the table.

w(t)= _[blank]_
I got the function/equation w(t)= 0.4x - 18.3
But I am not sure if that is correct because I had searched up a video on how to write a linear function using a table but I was really confused/their question was easy too.

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  1. clearly w(t)= 0.4x - 18.3 is wrong, because the point (1,18.7) does now work.
    Note that as x grows by 0.5, y grows by 0.4
    That means the slope is 0.4/0.5 = 0.8
    So, first guess is w(t)= 0.8x + b
    Mow plug in (1,18.7) and find that b = 17.9
    So, w(t)= 0.8x + 17.9

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