Social studies

K so I need help! I have been stuck on this for a week and I am a bout ready to guess and hope I don’t fail!

1.Evaluate the impact of Manifest Destiny on the Mexican-American War to complete the following sentence. Many Americans supported declaring war on Mexico because they...

A. Believed The United States should and would expland into the Pacific Ocean.***
B. Hoped to serve in the military and earn much needed funds for the country.
C. Were merchants looking to expand their trade along the Santa Fe trail.
D.Hoped to expand the plantation system and legalize slavery in the West and South west.

2. The concept of Manifest Destiny is best described as a reason to

A. Go to war with Mexico
B. Build up the country’s military.
C. Expand the United States west. ***
D. Purchase new territory in the south west.

3. The men of the Mormon Battalion signed up to serve in the Mexican-American War primarily to

A. Earn much-needed money for the Mormon emigrants. ***
B. Do their patriotic duty.
C. Explore a region the church leaders were interested in.
D. Get to California to mine for gold before returning.

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asked by Ah
  1. The first two answers are right. I don't know about 3.

  2. Well... how are my answers. I think I may be right...

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    posted by Ah
  3. Oh ok thanks!

    What do I do for three?

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    posted by Ah
  4. Is it C? I don’t know much about the Mormons... lol I live in Utah the state o Mormons.

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    posted by Ah
  5. Google Mormon Battalion Mexican American War

  6. Ok

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    posted by Ah
  7. Its C

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    posted by Gracie
  8. I think it may be C

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    posted by Ah
  9. Aw darn it! It was a! I was right everything I said was right =( I only got 2/3...

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    posted by Ah

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