Which represents a major effect of changing US military policy on African Americans in the Korean War?

The rescinding of the GI Bill led to a major decline in the enlistment of African Americans in the armed forces.
An executive order ending segregation in the military meant that hundreds of thousands of African Americans served in the war.
The promise of full voting rights to anyone who served led thousands of African Americans to enlist in the armed forces.
A law requiring that all military personnel obtain college degrees meant that more African Americans could not serve in the military.

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asked by Quinn
  1. I disagree.
    What does your reading assignment say?

  2. I am Taking this from a long time ago so I can not find it I would say A for sure now.

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    posted by Quinn
  3. It is not A nor B. I've checked two of your guesses, and now you're on your own. Please do not post this question again.

    Try Google.

  4. Okay thank you

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    posted by Quinn
  5. You're welcome.

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