Social Studies


Artifacts archaeologists studying early humans are likely to examine__**
B.written records of the past**
C.diary entries


Which of the following are characteristics of hunter-gatherers? Select all that apply.

A. They used iron weapons.
B. They used stone tools. **
C. They were nomadic. **
D. They left written accounts of their life.
E. They irrigated the land for farming. **


The Swahili culture was a blending of ___

A.southwest asia and north africa
B.north africa and northern africa
C.east africa and south afric!@#$%^&
D.southwest asia and east africa


Which of the following geographical conditions led European nations to colonize Africa?

A.Africa's dry climate and deserts.
B.The dense soil in Africa's rainforests. **
C.The quantity of natural resources in Africa.
D.Africa's lack of water sources.

Check my answers?

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asked by Janelle
  1. 1, one is wrong.
    2, one is wrong.
    3. right
    4. wrong

    Now please read your assignment,

  2. Now please don’t be a jerk ms sue

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    posted by Hi
  3. Btw probably not really ms sue

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