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Drag the reasons why Rome was able to expand into the box.

a.The maniple was a flexible military unit.
b.The Romans stayed isolated from others.
c.The Roman soldiers built roads and bridges.
d.Rome would give citizenship to loyal allies.

Reasons Why Rome Was Able to Expand

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  1. please I need help with this tooooo

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  2. its the top left and bottom one

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  3. thank you

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  4. I do what I can, but at the end of the day, I can't control people. The do what they want. But if you are reading this, please try and spread more positivity in the world! :)

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  5. Honestly I think she was a bot (A.I)

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  6. How did she die? I been using this site ever since towards the end of February of this year :/

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  7. Go to page 283.
    Look for the heading, "How Did Rome Expand?"
    Then read that entire section, you'll find the answer.

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  8. this still doesn't answer the question

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  9. I found these but i dont know if they are correct because i havent submitted it
    1.A:limits on time in office
    They could veto any law or action of a magistrate.
    Democratic Features of the Roman Government
    Common Citizens
    lived in cramped apartments in shabby buildings in Rome
    rented land from wealthy landowners
    Enslaved People
    servants to wealthy Romans
    worked dangerous jobs in mines
    passed the laws
    elected magistrates
    controlled foreign policy
    enforced the law
    The king's broad powers allowed him to mistreat his people.
    Reasons Why Rome Was Able to Expand=
    The maniple was a flexible military unit.
    The Roman soldiers built roads and bridges.
    Rome would give citizenship to loyal allies.
    because Romans stressed civic duty
    He helped the poor.
    He created jobs building bridges and roads.
    He took away most powers of the Senate.
    The wealthy lived in villas while the poor lived in urban areas.
    continuing the family name through sons
    13.Correct answer: B.
    It was an unwritten constitution.
    The military leaders began to get more loyalty from soldiers than the government did.
    Rome was able to easily unify the whole Italian peninsula.
    16.Correct answer: D.
    They had made the gods happy.

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  10. idk i found them

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  11. i just want help o buy the way im here to cheat dont say cuse words the is not nesessary and so stop

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  12. e by the way are you sure those are the right answer

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  13. The answer is D.

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  14. sorry wrong answer don't listen to me

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